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Teresina Moscatiello

Teresina Moscatiello grew up in the Saarland, a federal

state of Germany, in a small town called Ommersheim with a

village church, a butcher and a few cows. As the daughter

of Italian migrant workers, her roots lie in the south of

Italy. Her parents originate from a mediaeval mountain

village called Nusco, 914 m above sea level, close to

Naples. Here she spent the summers of her childhood. The

people there, who seem to live in another time and who grow

up with strong traditions and values, made a big impression

on her. To this day, her favourite food is pork snout with

lemon juice, salt and pepper.

After studying literature at the Sorbonne in Paris, she

completed a degree at the Institute for Theatre, Film and

Television of the Ruhr University in Bochum. Subsequently

she completed her studies in directing at the Deutsche

Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (dffb academy). She got

her first Hollywood experience on the set of Miramax’s

Gangs of New York with Martin Scorsese.

As director, producer and screenwriter, she has completed

several short films and documentaries, for example

FREISTOSS (2003), which won the Jury Award at the Lucca

Short Film Festival in Italy. FREISTOSS played in cinemas

all across Germany as supporting film, and was broadcast on

arte’s “Kurzschlussmagazin”. Actors she has worked with

include Birol Ünel, in her short film ABOUT TWO. Her short

film against the war in Iraq, DIMUQRATIJA (2003), was

nominated for the producer award at the international

student film festival in Potsdam and was released as

“social spot” on the national cinema circuit.

On a trip to Israel in 2004, she filmed her first

documentary. In the German-Israeli co-production AMBULANCE

OF SUBSTANCE, she accompanies a paramedic on his night

shifts in the border areas (premiered at the Cinematheque

Tel Aviv, 2004). As filmmaker and jury member, she has been

invited to present her films at numerous international film

festivals, including Amiens, Tel Aviv, Ankara, Lisbon,

Rome, Mexico, Rio, Split, Glasgow, Montevideo, Mar del

Plata (Argentina) and Missoula (Big Sky Documentary Film

Festival, USA).

CIVILIANS ON THE BATTLEFIELD originated in the Super Nine

documentary group of the dffb academy, with Andres Veiel as

dramaturgical mentor. In 2007, she founded the Sinafilm

Produktion und Verleih GmbH together with Jakob Rühle. This

production and distribution company is located in

Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. Currently she is working on her

first feature-length fiction film.