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A filmmaker’s first documentary is the most special – and

the most difficult. Nine young filmmakers that were

mentored by well-known German documentarian Andres Veiel

for three years describe their happiest moments and biggest

crises in the course of making their films.

What do you do if you discover that your protagonist, who

you spoke up for, does not have enough screen presence? If

your cameraman gets detained at the border to Senegal? If

your drug-addicted protagonist suddenly disappears, but the

filming is not finished yet? Or if your own family refuse

to sign the required release forms?

From the early rough ideas to the first practical problems,

from moral conflicts to despair in the editing room, from

rejections by TV stations and distributors to the first

broadcast or first Berlinale award: Over the years the

young filmmakers of the Super-9 group mature with their

films. Their workshop reports tell about their lives, but

in particular convey a high amount of practical knowledge,

applicable lessons learned, and also solutions. Andres

Veiel contributed an essay and reflects on his experiences

with the young filmmakers.


After studying history, Béatrice Ottersbach worked in film

and television before she joined the publishing industry.

As freelance editor, she has been responsible for more than

40 books on the theory and praxis of film and television

work. Documentary filmmaker Andres Veiel has won numerous

awards for his films: » The Survivors « (1996, Adolf-Grimme

Award), »Black Box Germany« (2001, Prix Arte European Film

Award for Best Documentary) and » Addicted to Acting

« (2004, Berlinale Panorama Audience Award, among others).

He lectures on documentary filmmaking at the Deutschen

Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (dffb film academy).

Currently Andres Veiel is working on a documentary-style

feature film called »Die frühen Jahre« about the early

years of the Red Army Faction (RAF).


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