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Our group formed at the Deutschen Film- und Fernsehakademie

Berlin (dffb) in 2005. We shared an enthusiasm for docu-

mentaries and succeeded in obtaining Andres Veiel as our

lecturer. Inspired by Veiel’s investigative spirit, his

psychological sophistication and dogged perseverance, we

started to develop our own very personal documentaries that

went far beyond the scope of the seminar. With the group as

our greenhouse, our films grew into unique specimens, some

on exotic and some on familiar territory.

In due time, each of us – whether characterised by childlike

stubbornness or strategic planning – developed our own per-

sonal style and inspired the others with our inventiveness.

With Super-9 we want to stay on the route that we have

taken, also beyond the walls of the film academy, and form

our own structure. The consciousness and conscience of the

group motivate us to keep investigating unpaved roads and to

take the risk that comes with a long, tough development

process. Within the established production structures, it is

difficult to produce ambitious film projects requiring

extensive research. And films such as ours seldom get

released on the cinema circuit. But from the numerous

festivals where our films were shown, we know that an

interested audience exists, and is thirsty for films that

offer unique, personal perspectives.

Instead of complaining about the problems in the film in-

dustry, we want to create better conditions ourselves! This

is the spirit in which we produced our completed films, in

which we published a book with behind-the-scenes reports on

our projects, and in which we are now staging this festival.