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David Sieveking

was born 1977 in Germany. After finishing school he starts

working as an editor for television and realizes several

short films and documentations. Since 2000 he is working as

an actor and assistant director for cinema and TV. 2003 he

studies directing at the German Film- and Television Aca-

demy Berlin and takes part in the „Talent Campus“ at the

Berlinale Film Festival. 2004 his episode for the feature

film ASYLUM is screened in public television. 2005 his

short film THE AMERICAN EMBASSY is showed at the Cannes

Film Festival and wins two up-and-coming awards. 2007 his

diploma film SENEGALLEMAND is premiered at the Inter-

national Film Festival Munich. 2010 the cinema release of

his debut film DAVID WANTS TO FLY is planned.