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Between Heaven And Earth

by Hanna Doose

Salina and Albert are actually pretty normal teenagers

living in Berlin. But what makes a difference between them

and others is not only the fact that their childhood friends

and relatives are not alive anymore and that they had to

flee their home country, uncertain, when they will see it

again - and if they would at all. What makes a difference

are the dreams. How can you dream of the future if you don´t

even know what tomorrow will bring.

It was seven years ago, that the family S. escaped from the

war in their country Chechnya to come to Germany. Seven

years of uncertainty, seven years of hope to be accepted as

political refugees and to get a permission to stay, that

would make it possible to start working again and to finally

build up a normal life.

During the two years, this film accompanies the life of the

family; it shows what it means to fill your days with

nothing but waiting. And how difficult it is to not loose

hope between metropolitain life and muslim religion, between

great dreams and tough reality of everyday life.

a film of the German Film and Television Acad. Berlin, dffb

creative advisor: Andres Veiel


Germany, 2008, Documentary, 91 min, Colour,

Digi-Beta, 16:9, Dolby Stereo, German/Russian

(Original Version with German Subtitles),

English subtitles


Hanna Doose

CAMERA Markus Zucker

EDITOR André Nier

SOUNDDESIGN Jochen Jessuzek

MUSIC Liza Umarova

RECORDING Ansgar Frerich


amnesty international

PRODUCTION Hartmut Bitomsky (dffb)